Timeaware brings motion capture to animators from all walks of life.
We provide mocap to indie developers and start-ups who want to have a “triple A” look to their characters for a fraction of the money. The industry professional will benefit from our expertise and incredible turnaround times. We use professional grade gear which enables us to achieve high quality in very little time. Read more


True masters animate it all by hand. But from own experience we know how long it takes to create realistic human motion by keyframing. And this is why we switched to mocap in the first place: we needed a project to run faster, smoother and instead of concentrating on the tedious work of 1st and 2nd pass we wanted to have the time to concentrate on the most fun part: bringing it all to perfection in the 3rd pass.Read More


We are industry experts with 20+ years of combined experience in game and film projects and more than 9 years experience in inertial mocap.

We will be happy to talk with you about: Read more

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