Motion capture is the process of digitally recording a living being’s motions through a tracker-based system. Sadly at this point in time, we are only capable of recording human motion, but the future is bright and unknown. Mocap can be used in a wide array of entertainment platforms, such as:

    • Live events
    • Real time TV shows
    • Virtual and Augmented/Mixed Reality ( VR and AR/MR)
    • Film
    • Games
    • Advertising
    • Serious Gaming (Training and Simulation)

Timeaware brings motion capture to animators from all walks of life.
We provide mocap to indie developers and start-ups who want to have a “triple A” look to their characters for a fraction of the money. The industry professional will benefit from our expertise and incredible turnaround times.

    • We use professional grade gear which enables us to achieve high quality in very little time.
    • You direct the shoot over an internet connection for best results.
    • Depending on number and length of motions we can deliver your motions within an hour after the end of the mocap session. We can export to the industry standard FBX or BVH format.
    • Pricing of our service is specifically aimed at making it available to as large an audience as possible.
    • We can provide the right talent for the right taks when needed.