We are industry experts with 18+ year experience in the 3D and more than 6 years experience in inertial mocap.

gal9Ivo is the pushing guy
He is very energetic and ready to find any decision to make things happen. He always pushes some tasks back and forth. If no tasks, he pushes walls.

Vla is the artistic guy
Vla .. as you can see.. actually you can’t see him, because he don’t like to expose himself on photos. But you can see his artistic hand. He is very good in creating ideas, as well as animation and special effects. If you are curious to see him, check out our gallery.

Kiril is the serious guy
He is attracted to doing serious things as coding and stuff like this. He even likes serious music. What about Stravinsky? Do you see? A really serious guy. Don’t expect to find Kiril hanging in social media and chatting for fun.

Diana is the smiling girl
She is dealing with the whole bunch of administrative tasks in the company. Without her it would be a big mess. Diana is always positive, smiling and outgoing. Even if the weather forecast is bad, Diana can make your day as bright and pleasant as possible.