Mr. Mucus live at JFK:

We are happy to be part of this hilarious new episode of the Mr. Mucus adventures. Presented in real time to passers-by at JFK airport in New York, the show was conceived, created and executed by the magicians at Psyop. Read more about it here.

Chemical Brothers “Wide Open”:

We are happy to be part of The Mill project with the participation of the amazing Sonoya Mizuno, capturing her dance moves on-site.
Also read how the Chemical brothers video “Wide Open” was created.

“BSC Expo 2015” in London:


Together with the kind folk at Louma and Take4D who invited us on their stand to show what combining knowledge, experience and cutting edge technologies can offer to film makers and demonstrate the power of Virtual Production in real time.

Creating previz remotely in real time:

A client approached us with a request to do a previz for a TV ad. The strange part was they needed to have the result within just few hours to be able to figure out if their idea was worth further investment of time and money. The result was a clip created in just 4 hours starting from scratch, the mocap was directed remotely by the client, streaming live mocap data directly into their computer over a 3G (mobile phone) internet connection.

Botwars Teaser:

Helping our friends at Unexpected create two character interactions for the trailer of Botwars. Capturing extremely dynamic motions and creating realistic flying fazes with inertial system are not trivial tasks, but it is so much fun to do with true professionals. Planning every move up front, knowing exactly what the end results are needed and knowing how to achieve them made the process even more enjoyable.