VR is a computer-generated scenario which provides an experience through senses and perception. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience not possible in our physical world. AR/MR (Augmented/Mixed) Reality systems are also a form of VR which projects 3D imagery over a live camera feed. Devices like Microsoft Hololens and high end mobile phones give the user the ability to view three-dimensional images layered on top a live camera feed.

With roughly ten years of combined VR/AR experience and a long row of happy clients including but not limited to NatGeo and KLM, we can help you build your next VR project. We can drive the 3D characters in your VR experience in real time and stream the data over the internet. Seems impossible? Lets schedule an online demo and we’ll show you what we mean.

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